New EWO SG certificates/ EWO workshops/ Chum Kiu video

14046115_562696360592150_7215151866473315504_n EWO Chum Kiu (Sinking the Bridge/ Seeking the Bridge)

This is the layout of the new EWO certificates (front) for students, 1st SG – 5th SG.


EWO workshops till December 2016: 10th September, 29th October en 26th November.

!!The workshop which was planned on 15th October will be moved to 29th October!!


Latest EWO video (uploaded on 28th June) on


EWOSifu Edgar Zimmermann (Chum Kiu 2016 – Sinking the Bridge/ Seeking the Bridge)

Chum Kiu (Sinking the Bridge/ Seeking the Bridge), the 2nd WingTczun form, performed by Sifu Edgar Zimmermann @ the EWO Academy (Enschede/ NL, 20/2/2016).
The EWO Chum Kiu form is influenced by different Eternal Spring forms like Chong Kuen and Saam Baai Fut and is part of the EWO Level 2 program.
More advanced students learn also the Yik Kam Wing Chun forms.