EWO SG badges/ Video: Basics with a stick/ EWO Kids Leadership

14370418_571248579736928_9051312443937815135_n  Basics with a stick - Sifu Edgar Zimmermann, EWO

These are the new EWO badges, 1st – 12th SG (see image).


The program ‘EWO Kids Leadership’ will be introduced on 31 October.


Latest EWO video (uploaded on 18 September) on YouTube.com/c/EWOinfo: https://youtu.be/foSsu4cI2eY

EWO – Sifu Edgar Zimmermann (Ezcrima – Basics with a stick, 2016)

Ezcrima (Escrima/ Eskrima) – basics with a stick, performed by Sifu Edgar Zimmermann @ the EWO Academy (Enschede/ NL, 29+30/5/2016).

Training with weapons (single-/ double stick, knife, staff etc.) is a part of the EWO leaderhip program, from level 1 onwards.

More advanced students learn also the swordsmanship of the Historical European Martial Arts, next to the WingTczun (Wing Chun/ Wing Tsun/ Weng Chun) weapons like Long Pole and Double Knifes.


EWO workshops till December 2016: 29th October and 26th November.