1st TG (black shirt & pant) in WingTczun

Workshops & exams 2017/ 1st TG EWO WingTczun/ EWO Kids

1st_TG_WingTczun_Kungfu  EWO-Kids_Saturday-group


EWO workshops 2017 (black shirts only, SG 10 and higher):
11th February, 11th March, 8th April, 13th May, 24th June, 2nd September, 14th October and 18th November.


EWO exams 2017:
-25th-31st March (wind)
-19th-24th June (water)
-25th-30th September (earth)
-11th-16th December (fire)


EWO Kids (Saturday group) after the examination on 17th December 2016.


1st TG (black shirt & pant) in WingTczun since 17th December 2016: Harm Grote Beverborg (right) and Martijn Wessels (left). On Wednesday 15th December Bella Moravcevic got the 11th SG (black shirt) and Anne Schuurman passed the exam for SG 12 part 1.

EWO – Kung Fu Kids Enschede (Board Breaking @ the EWO Academy)

A short video about breaking boards, performed by EWO Kids and Lars Scholten at the EWO Academy – Enschede, 8/10/2016. This is WingTczun Kung Fu for children. It’s about focus, concentration and about not giving up. Even though “boards don’t hit back” (quote of Bruce Lee in ‘Enter the Dragon’), for kids it’s a lot of fun.