Lessons during summer vacation 2017/ Black Shirts June 2017/ WingTczun article 11 years ago



Different class schedule than usual during the summervacation (24th July – 3rd September) at the EWO Academy Enschede. Please contact us for detailed information.

Black Shirts June 2017

Congrats to everybody who passed the exam during the examination week (19th – 24th June)
New Black Shirts:
Merlijn van Well en Dajo Hello (10th SG), EWO Kids Leadership and Gert Bonestroo (10th SG), WingTczun Leadership.
1st TG WingTczun (Black Shirt/Pant, black & red) 27th june: Roy Mol. He also owns the 3rd TG in Ezcrima since a while.
Another Black Shirt, Bella Moravcevic passed a day before the exam for the 12th SG (part 2) in WingTczun.

WingTczun article 11 years ago

Heaven, Earth, Human – WingTczun article In the Dutch Martial Arts magazine ‘Mix Fight’, 11 years ago (May 2006).
Heaven, Earth and Human is a basic theory in WingTczun which stands for 3 different understandings; space, energy and attraction.
In addition, Heaven, Earth and Human symbolize the various distances in which the training is executed.

EWO workshops 2017

(black shirts only, SG 9 and higher):
2nd September, 14th October and 18th November.

EWO exams 2017

-25th-30th September (earth)
-11th-16th December (fire)