Exams march 2017/ EWO Birthday Party/ EWO Kids video/ Ezcrima article 13 years ago


Level 3 Black Shirt since 28th March 2017:

Anne Schuurman passed the WingTczun Leadership exam for SG 12 part 2.
Bella Moravcevic passed the WingTczun Leadership exam for SG 12 part 1.


EWO Birthday Party:

The EWO Academy during the birthday party last week, on 29th March 2017.
Special guest from Far East: Po, the Kung Fu Panda.


EWO – Kung Fu Kids Enschede (Basic/Orientation, Advanced, Leadership & Little EWO Kids – 2016/2017)

WingTczun Kung Fu for children @ the EWO Academy (Enschede, 2016/2017 – with Sifu Edgar Zimmermann, Lars Scholten and Anne Schuurman). The classes:
– EWO Kids Basic/Orientation
– Little EWO Kids
– EWO Kids Advanced
– EWO Kids Leadership

EWO Kids lessons provide interractive fun, promote physical learning and facilitate cognitive attributes of children, all at the same time.
More info? Contact us: http://ewo.info (English) or http://ewokungfu.com (Dutch).


Ezcrima article 13 years ago:

Ezcrima article in the (Dutch) Budo Sports magazine, 13 years ago (January/February 2004)-‘From weapons to empty hands.’

Training with and against sticks/ bladed weapons, with the purpose to improve overall stamina, is an integral part of the Leadership Programmes at the EWO Academy.
Certainly the safety is utmost important, that’s why at the beginning the programme is executed with ‘Safety Sticks’.

Within this specific programme, training with such tools is not mandatory, one can choose wether or not to practice it. In cases where a student prefers not to practice it, he/she is allowed to choose another program. However, only the most advanced Leadership (Elite) students are allowed to practise with swords etc.

The benefit of practising with such tools is that one can learn to ‘read’ one’s opponent better and can guess with proxy, the distance better, both qualities of which are unmissable advantages when it comes to advanced self defence and safety.


EWO workshops 2017:

(black shirts only, SG 9 and higher) 8th April, 13th May, 24th June, 2nd September, 14th October and 18th November.


EWO exams 2017:

-19th-24th June (water)
-25th-30th September (earth)
-11th-16th December (fire)