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WingTczun (Wing Chun, Wing Tsun), which means Eternal Spring, is a southern Chinese martial art (Kung Fu). It is the most effective self defence system (unarmed) which teaches how to benefit from its system, physically and emotionally.
Higher Self Esteem
It gives you a higher self esteem and builds up your confidence. It teaches you not only survival in a conflict but also how to finish a conflict safely if you choose to.


It gives you the skill how to get rid of an offender, attacker or an intruder if he tries to intimidate you by going into your personal space without your permission. This attack can mean not only physically but also emotionally.
Ability to finish a conflict safely
In both cases, working with the principles and teachings of WingTczun, gives you the confidence by ensuring your skill to its optimum that you have the ability to avoid a conflict as well as the endurance and power to finish one safely.
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