Principles & Concepts


EWO WingTczun works with two aspects:
1. Principles, concepts and techniques
2. Chi Sao and application
Principles, concepts and techniques form a guideline to how EWO WingTczun works. Within these guidelines a great part of the learning is based on Forms. Forms are like meditative movements which become the movements of self defence techniques when used in applications.


Chi Sao – Arms Reflex Training


Chi Sao (sticky arms, arms reflex training) and application means working with a partner. This happens in a very controlled environment in which each student is accountable for his own actions. Therefore a student is not allowed to try power on others.
When two steps are passed then power in the application is worked by means of self defence tools and not by means on hitting partners. Therefore the exercises are safe, nourishing and empowering.
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